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Current Residence: Ontario, Canada
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Sansa by Sandisk
Favourite cartoon character: Kanda Yu and Maes Hughes

Random OC Meme

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 5, 2013, 11:01 AM

Your journal goes here

Choose 12 OCs (state gender!):
1. Xavier (male)
2. Laure (female)
3. Tari (female)
4. Elliot (male)
5. Ryder (female)
6. Inari (female)
7. Kik (female)
8. Joy (female)
9. Rose (female)
10. Xaria (female)
11. Mika (female)
12. Ellie (male)

Quiz Time~~

1. 1,3,6,10 are playing poker. Who wins? 


Xavier: Let's switch to strip poker! *wink*

Inari: *hits Xavier* Idiot

Xavier: I was joking….

Tari: Look! All my cards have hearts on them! Teehee<3

Xaria: ……

2. 4 &9 are about to get married. 2,5,7 crashes their wedding. What happens?


Wow this one worked out strangely normal. Elliot(4) is in love with Rose(9) so marrying her would be no issue for him. Laure(2), Ryder (5) and Kik (7) would get along very well so they would probably just crash the party because they wanted to go.

3. If 12 just screams in the middle of the night, what is the reason?


Xavier was probably standing over his bed

4. 2,4,5 are in a play. What kind of play?


They would do a play about brave knights rescuing the damsel in distress. Except Elliot would be the damsel and Laure and Ryder would be the knights (or Laure may decide to play the bad guy. She is a vampire after all)

5. 3 send birthday invitations to 4,8,11. However, they didn't show. What happens?

Tari bursts into tears, devastated that her friends did not come. Her sister Laure get sick of her snivelling and tracks down the missing guests, grabs Joy(8) and Elliot(4), dragging them back to the party while Mika(11) follows so that Joy isn't here alone

6. Dancing with the Stars invited 6 to their show. Will he/she accept?

Hell yes. Inari loves being in the spotlight and showing off her awesome dance moves ;P


7. Who would win in chess, 1 or 2?

Laure(2). Xavier is smart but Laure had a more strategic mind

8. If 4&7 played battleship (the game), who would win?


This one is a tough one. Elliot(4) lives on a ship as the first mate. He's used to nautical search tactics. But Kik is a very intelligent person herself and can usually tell what people are thinking. So I would say it's a toss up.

9. Who would win in really battleship, 4 or 7?


Once again, hard call. Using just the ships and no other abilities, or boarding other ships allowed? Elliot. But if it were allowed Kik could jump over and take out the crew with great ease

10. If 1-6 and 7-12 are two teams, which team would win in dodge ball?

7-12 would win. There are enough strong members that they outweigh the weak ones by more than the other team

11. Would 3 win in a triathlon?


No. She wouldn't make it past the first part

12. 1&6 are going out. 7&12 are following them. Why? 

Ellie(12) is terrified yet intrigued by the prospect of Xavier(1) and Inari(6) on a date. He wants to follow them to see if they're actually on a date or just planning something, but is afraid of what they might do if they see him so he asks Kik (7) to come with him


13. If 9 is hired to kill 4, who hired 9?


Not sure. Maybe Rose's boyfriend? He would be jealous since earlier in this meme Elliot and Rose got married. Rose wouldn't do it though. If someone she was dating asked her to kill any of her friends, especially Elliot, she would probably take the money and run ;P She is a pirate after all

14. Today is dissection day. 9,10,11 are placed in a group for dissection. What happens?


Mika (11) is grossed out by the prospect of cutting open dead animals so Rose(9) and Xaria (10) handle it while Mika keeps her distance from the table

15. 8 is trapped in a hole for 3 days in a forest. 1 finds him/her. Would 1 help?


Definitely.  Xavier(1) was only in the forest because he was looking for her. He would spend the next while feeling terrible that he had not found her sooner

16. 3&7 are at a bar. If a fight starts, who started it?



Tari(3) says something insulting to someone, not on purpose but she was making an observation and doesn't think to watch what she says. They get in her face and Kik (7) steps between them and knocks the person back. Tari started the fight with her comment but it was Kik who got physical

17. 4&6 are making out in the bathroom. 10 really needs to go to the bath room (really, really bad). What happens?


Xaria(10) kicks down the door. Elliot(4) pulls back from Inari's (6) arms, embarrassed. Inari put her hands on her hips and glares at Xaria, angry about the interruption and follow Elliot as he scurries out of the room

18. If 1 were to open a shop, what shop would it be?


Probably a costume shop. Xavier loves to dress up in disguises, using them to sneak into places he's technically not allowed


19. Can 11 be trusted with a machine gun?



20. 12 sees a rainbow. He/She follows the rainbow. If he/she found the pot of gold, would he/she kill the leprechauns or bribe him?


Neither. Ellie(12) would sit down and befriend the leprechauns and they would spend the evening showing off what they can do with magic

21. If 2&5 are drunk and went to 3's house, what happens?

Since Laure(2) is Tari's (3) sister she lets them in and convinces them to go to bed

22. 4 just won the lottery. What would he/she spend first?

He would buy Rose a new ship, trying to win her favour and affection

23. If all entered the Olympics, who would win the most gold medals?.

Kik would win the most, since she is the most versatile of the lot

24. If all played Mario&Sonic the Olympic Games, who wins the events?



25. 11 is babysitting the class pet. Would the pet survive?



26. 4&11 are eating cake. However, the cake was 12's birthday cake. What happens?

Ellie: Mika, that was my birthday cake…

Mika: Oh my gosh! Ellie I'm so sorry….Happy birthday though

Ellie: *smiles* thanks

(Ellie doesn't really get mad very easily)

27. Can 1&5 be trusted to babysit 3's child?


Yes. Ryder(5) is very responsible and Xavier(1), though a goof, is as well. Tari's(3) child would be in good hands

28. If snow is outside, what is 9's reaction?


Rose: damn….time to salt the deck

(Though she doesn't live exclusively on a ship it's where she spends most of her time)

29. It's Christmas. Who gets the biggest present? 


Inari, because Xavier likes to be an idiot so he would climb into a gift box and give himself to her

30. 2 wants to confess his/her love to 3. However 3 wants to confess to 1. They each wrote a letter to each other. They meet at the same place. What happens?

Laure(2) steps back and let's Tari(3) confess to Xavier(1). Laure is Tari's sister and she really just wanted to let her sister know that despite some of the issues between them she loves her. But since Tari liking Xavier solves most of those issues (Because then Tari won't be going after the guy Laure likes anymore) Laure is content just letting this play out

31. Who would be best in James Bond movies?



32. If all of them are stranded on an island, who would resort to cannibalism first?

…define cannibalism. Joy is a bunny creature, Kik is half-elven, Tari and Laure are full elf PLUS Laure is also a vampire. Who would eat one of the other first? Laure I guess, but is drinking someone's blood truly cannibalism?

33. Write a conversation about a dinner party involving 1,3,7,8,11.

Xavier: Look at what a lucky guy I am. Having dinner with four beautiful ladies

Tari:*giggles* You really think I'm beautiful?

Mika:…..who wants to see pictures of Xavier in a dress?

Xavier: What? No!

Kik: In a dress huh?

Tari: Awww you make such a pretty girl!

Kik: *laughs* how often do you cross-dress there, tough guy? There are a lot of different outfits

Xavier: It's not cross-dressing! It's a covert disguise!

Joy: *blushes* He…does it all the time so he can come visit us at school

Kik: What? For shame! You're a pervert then? Dressing as a girl so you can sneak into an all girls school

Xavier: No! I'm not a pervert! It's not like that!

Tari: Well which is it? Are you a pervert or a cross dresser?

Xavier: Neither! *groans* Mika, help me out here!

Mika: Nah, you're on your own

34. 5 is trapped in a gorilla cage. 6&4 are outside of the cage. Will they help?


Of course. Elliot would turn his back on a woman in need, and Inari is always happy to help people, well, except Xavier

35. Would 9 be a good peacemaker? If so, what are his/her methods?.


Rose is a very good talker. She was raised in a noble family so despite her now being a pirate she knows how to speak well and she can understand more points of view thanks to her diverse life. And if that didn't work, she'd either sweet-talk or threaten the two parties

36. If 1 is winning in DDR, would 2 step on his/her feet?


No. She's a good sport

37. 3 wants to commit suicide because some reason. 10 is the only person with him/her. Does 10 reason 3 out of suicide?


Reason isn't really Xaria's(10) thing. She would just knock out Tari(3) and bring her to her sister so her sister could reason her out of it when she's conscious again

38. 4,5,8,12 are playing strip poker. What happens?. 

Elliot, Ryder and Elliot throw their hands because Joy is way to cute to put in the awkward situation of stripping

39. 2+8=10, 3+7=10. Which one is better?


2(Laure)+8(Joy) = 10(Xaria) is better, but not by much. Bother combinations include a fighter and a meeker gentler person. It's only better because Laure is a tad darker and more willing to kill than Kik which makes sense in Xaria

40. 3+4=7. 7+5=12. Will it be happy family?


Yeah, it would be. They are all friendly, Gentle people, three of which also know how to fight and can defend themselves and their family

41. 1,6,9,10 are square dancing. Will 5 join in or do something else?

Ryder(5) would already be dancing since she and Xaria(10) are the same person. If Xaria is dancing, it's because she's remember a time when she was Ryder and has temporarily reverted back to that personality

42. 3 is peeping into the girl's locker room. 7 sees 3 peeping. What happens?


Kik:What's the point of peeping into a locker room that you are allowed to just walk in? Is there someone in there you're trying to avoid?

43. What happens if you give 12 a chainsaw?


Ellie would be confused and go put the chainsaw away. Why does he need a chainsaw? He likes trees, he doesn't want to cut them down

44. 11 challenges you to a hot dog eating contest. Do you accept?


Yes, because I could probably take her, easy

45. 4 is driving. A deer is in the way. What happens?. 


He stops as best he can and swerves to miss the deer, jumping out so he doesn't get hurt

46. Would 5&10 go out?


Of Course. They're the same person, if they don't go out, how can they eat?

47. 1,2,3,5,6 went on a picnic. Why didn't 4 come?


Elliot(4) didn't want to come, because Rose(9) wasn't invited

48. If 9 were to get a job, what would it be?


Well if Pirate isn't a job, then she's probably go for privateer, but it's decidedly less fun. Or maybe just be an explorer, that's a job, right?

49. What of all of them, who will rule the world?


There really isn't any among them that would really want to, so if need be they'd develop a government system to divide the power among them.

50. If 7 were to go to a competition, what would it be?

Sword fighting or archery. She proficient at both

51. 3&7 are having smexy time. 9 is next door. What happens?


Rose(9):*bursts through the door* what the heck are you two doing?!

Kik(7): Make-over's. Want to join?

Tari(3): Alright, I've decided. I want blue nails

(what? They're making eachother look smexy, that counts of having a smexy time,right?)

52. Is 12 good at defusing bombs?


Not in the traditional since but he could use his magic to freeze it and take it a safe distance away

53. 6,7,9,12 are drunk. If they go to 4's house, what happens?

Elliot:*groggily* It's two in the morning, what the heck?

Rose: awwwwwww Elllllli, sorry *hiccup*


Rose: hehe not you silly goose, Elliot

Inari :come here *grabs Elliot* Dance with me


54. If you lend 11 a bazooka, who would she/he kill first?


Xavier? Hahaha

55. 7,8,9,10,12 are at a ball. What is the first thing that could go wrong?

There's only one guy among them, and he's kind of shy around girls. Poor guy would probably go into hiding

56. If 7&9 fought for 3's love, who wins?


Kik(7) would win. She's is stronger in a physical battle, and She's closer to being the same race as Tari(3) since she's at least half elven

57. Who should make the perfect couple?


Ellie and Joy. Both are quiet, meeker people with an altogether gentle nature

59. If all are fighting, who started it?

Xavier. But not on purpose!

60. If a ghost invaded 7's house, what would be the first thing he/she would do?

Talk to it to see why it came in. If it's a bad ghost she'll take it out

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